• The Project Strategy on Knowledge Sharing

The knowledge management strategy of the SURE project has four different entry points:

1. Knowledge sharing essentials:

SURE will work in close collaboration with both the involved ILO units and office in the field as well as the Embassies of the Government of Italy in the project countries.

2. Knowledge sharing analysis:

Through the research undertaken within the project, new data will be available. While there is already an extensive literature on the topic, the project will try to see how the Decent Work Approach can be mainstreamed in the reintegration process of return migrants.

3. Knowledge sharing planning, monitoring and evaluation:

Participatory interactions that encourage reflection and help the project develop into the future, along with feedback on progress, will be the main tools employed to monitor and evaluate the project.

4. Knowledge sharing tools and techniques:

SURE will develop an up-to-date online platform webpage that will provide to a larger audience access to practical tools such as digital visual storytelling, self-learning training, and materials for trainers on how to develop training or informative activities. Information/toolkit for potential returnees will also be integrated on the platform, to better prepare the reintegration period.